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The world economy is in a major negative spiral, inflation is high, cost of goods and services
have increased all while the UK's GDP has dramatically decreased. We are in the worst
economic decline since the 'great depression' and it is looking to get worse. Some of those
who depend on employment are putting their futures in the hands of unstable companies.
Those who train at the OGTA are being taught to run and set up a business as well as having
employable skills that many employers would appreciate; therefore they have the best of both
worlds, without associated high tuition costs.


With this in mind we believe that 'enterprise development' is the way forward for the country
and economy locally and nationally. Our Graphics, Apparel and Print courses have a lot more
to offer than your average further educational course. This is because it allows the candidate
to set up in business in real time during the course. This will be part of the students portfolio,
like college and university courses this enables student to also go into employment or go into
further education.

Therefore unlike other courses our courses are for people who wish to set up in business, gain
employment or go into further education. Our academy offers excellent value without the
high costs associated to university courses such as £27,000 (£50,000 to £60,000 after living
costs) for 3 years to gain a degree. The fact is that tens of thousands of people are have to
compete for jobs that have diminished during these hard times and it is only getting worse.

In regards to young people we are funded by various bodies and therefore we offer free
courses and workshops mainly to NEET's and Hard to Reach young people, namely 16 to 24
year olds (dependent on fund given and criteria).