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I signed up for a week's course with OG Training in sublimation, vinyl/flock transfer.
My reason for wanting to do the course was that I already knew how to do sublimations working with ceramics i.e cups, but I needed to learn the techniques of printing on to clothing, ie T-shirts. I didn't have a lot of time available to myself so learning the course over a week was intensive training was ideal for me.Over the course of the week not only did I learn what I had signed up on the course to do but I was also given introductions (very helpful and detailed instructions) in photoshop applications, illustrator applications and inkscape.
I can honestly say that everyone at O.G Training are friendly and extremely helpful, going out of their way to make sure you understand what you are doing with the training/applications. The atmosphere at OG is absolutely brilliant, I felt immediately at home there and was sad the week came to an end so quickly.
I would definitely recommend OG Training to anyone.
Jillian Miller - Adult Course Student 

"OG Clothing Co is an exciting new social enterprise concept, seeking to inspire young people across Walthamstow to pursue a career in design and production of fashion. Our local young people are eager for opportunities to unlock their talent and creativity like this, so I'm looking forward to seeing the results as this project develops."
- Stella Creasy Labour Candidate (PPC)

“I visited the OG Clothing Company and saw at first hand some of the work being done with young people, teaching them useful skills which can lead to accreditation with the prospect of being able to then obtain employment. I felt that the projects were of real help to some disadvantaged young people.”
Neil Gerrard Ex MP for Walthamstow 

“I am writing in reference to the above company based in Wood Street and how it has had a positive impact on the New Deal clients based at Seetec. I had a meeting with Abid Aslam 2 months ago in relation to work placements for the Walthamstow branch of Seetec and how he could help in train and give the clients valuable experience in the field of Graphic Design and Print. Abid was very helpful and informative and I was very impressed with the setup.”
Ryan Trout Seetec, Walthamstow 

“The half term T-shirt workshop - Feb 2009 was a success. The group produced amazing original T-Shirts. The participants showed what great talent they have in terms of creativity, team building, originality & above all a commitment to the project.
The young people had thoroughly enjoyed the time that they had spent with your team producing and receiving advise on business”. 
Kind regards
Beverly and Alec, Forest Gate Youth Zone

"OG Clothing Co is an exciting new social enterprise concept, seeking to inspire young people across Walthamstow to pursue a career in design and production of fashion. Our local young people are eager for opportunities to unlock their talent and creativity like this, so I'm looking forward to seeing the results as this project develops."
- Sergeant Craig Mccann, Walthamstow Police

"The young people and I were welcomed warmly and given a real passionate insight into the background of O.G clothing and the good work they do. 
Great teamwork amongst the O.G clothing team, with all the paperwork and Health and safety procedures made very clear to us in an orderly manner.
The atmosphere was friendly and the workshop was lively with a great tutor who inspired the young people to be more creative. The young people also felt encouraged to follow their dreams in terms of creating their own clothing or brand. Results were great and from the young people I’ve heard them say they want to go back to do more workshops. So well done O.G clothing team it is definitely a service I would use again or recommend, their ethos itself is very inspiring". 
- Insiya Badani, Family And Youth work trainer

"I would like to thank you and your team at O.G. Clothing Co.  for delivering a very worthwhile project over the Easter break. The twelve young people who attended were from The Avenue and Cathall Estates and all of them thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
It is these kinds of positive activities with entrepreneurial opportunities for young people to explore, which can help young people breakaway from negative influences. We were really impressed with the way you offered our young people chances to explore setting up a small clothing business for themselves.
The young people learnt a lot from designing to printing and the prospect of actually making money in a legal professional way. We at Catch22 Waltham Forest look forward to working with you again in the very near future." 
- Ahmed Hussain, Project Worker, Waltham Forest Gangs Diversionary Project, Catch22

"OG Clothing has provided my child with an excellent opportunity in design. After three months of extensive training in T-Shirt design, heat press and screen transfer, she is now confident in her use of these skills as well as Adobe Photoshop.  These skills are transferable and can boost her resume for future reference. Since joining, my child has received a certificate, and is considering going on to do an ASDAN course. This was possible through the excellent guidance of the instructors at OG clothing, who nurtured her love of Design and made it a reality. The staff is exceptional in their delivery of skills and has also made a tremendous impact on her. O.G clothing is very good facility  and without doubt such an organisation can have a positive and far reaching impact within the community if it continues to open its doors to the public. 

As a satisfied parent, I recommend without reservation OG clothing as company that excels in building confidence and teaching marketable skills to young people.

Yours Sincerely
Leroy Rowe (Parent of Alexia Rowe)


Youth Testimonials

Name: Joslin Ruddler (Youth Offending Team)
Age: 17
Feedback: “This class was good because it shows you a new way of getting money”.

Name: Stephen Thomas (Youth Offending Team)
Age: 19
Feedback: “Class was positive, can help to get a skill in the fashion industries”

Name: Kyle Keating
Age: 17
Feedback: “The people here are laid back and chilled out. There’s no pressure on you as long as you complete the work in time you’re alright. I would also like Enfield to fund for more courses”.

Name: Nicholas David
Age: 17
Feedback: “It was a good project, I enjoyed every part of it. The people are easy to work with and friendly. I would be happy to come back, I would also be interested in full time employment”.

Name: Ozkan Kozan
Age: 18
"Feedback: “I am happy that the Fashion/Print school would accept us back for further training and education. It gives me a positive focus to get out of bed. I came all week and enjoyed it unlike any other training or education course in the past. I was inspired to go into this industry and would like government help to do this so I can set up my own business/employment”.

Name: John Devlin (Forest Gate Youth Zone)
Age: 15
Feedback: “I think the workshop is good and I would like to carry on coming to the workshop”.