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Team Dynamics

When assembling a team it is very important to consider the overall dynamic of the team.
According to Frank LaFasto, when building a team, five dynamics are fundamental to team

1. The team member: Successful teams are made up of a collection of effective
individuals. These are people who are experienced, have problem solving ability,
openness to addressing the problem, action oriented. OGTA aims to develop trainees
as team members that understand the importance of the individual team member and
individual contribution.

2. Team relationships: For a team to be successful the members of the team must be
able to give and receive feedback. OGTA aims to develop honest team members that
mention their thoughts and feelings in order everyone is on the same understanding
and same platform in order the agenda can be carried out and executed the highest

3. Team problem solving: An effective team depends on how focused and clear the
goal of the team is. A relaxed, comfortable and accepting environment and finally,
open and honest communication. OGTA creates a brief where the team must solve
the problems that will finalise and complete their given design related brief / exercise.

4. Team leadership: Effective team leadership depends on leadership competencies.
A competent leader is: focused on the goal, ensures a collaborative climate, builds
confidence of team members, sets priorities, demonstrates sufficient "know-how"
and manages performance through feedback. OGTA team building aims for the team
members to work on their strengths and for a leader to lead and direct the team. This
leader can come from the team or from the OGTA team.

5. Organisational environment: The climate and culture of the organisation must
be conductive to team behaviour. OGTA will develop a tailored team building
programme that will benefit the team or organisation that sent the team with the
agenda that they were sent for.