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Satellite Sites & Benefits

To date we train our students / trainees at our in house centre. As we have had major demand from companies who are based far from our centre we have decided to offer Satellite services. These Satellite services will be 'in-house' training at our client's sites. These Satellite sites are an ideal addition for:

•Colleges and Universities
•Schools and PRU's
•Fashion / Design Schools
•Business Schools
•Youth training centres
•Youth centres / Youth Programmes
•Adult Educational centres
•Partnerships with skills & employability centres
•Prison / Probation services
•Or any company, body or programme that feels they can benefit from our satellite sites

Now our clients have the best of both words they can come direct to our training centre in East London. Or they can partner with ourselves and develop a Satellite programme in the comfort of their own centre. This has obvious benefits the main benefit being more cost effective on a daily basis then programmes conducted at our centre in house.

Please note these courses are intensive work shop based programmes that have 1 or 2 trainers on site with additional staff coming in to monitor and train. Our workshops require expensive equipment, software and materials which are all added in to the costing. These are practical hands on vocational courses / workshops that has expenses attached to it compare to the 'run of the mill lectures or courses' with one trainer who simply depends on hand out and visuals. Yet our prices reflect better or competitive rates per day even though we provide one to one intensive inspirational training.


•Financial incentives as we have cut or RRP price compare to 'in-house training' allowing our clients to receive funding on an equal/ fair basis

•More cost effective solution than training at our in house centre save between 20% to 40% dependent on contract agreement

•Kudos goes to client and they benefit from outcomes and success of course

•Contract is 26 weeks (negotiable) maximum contract is 50 weeks per annum

•Have training done at your premises without having the worry to travel or commute to our centre

•Client have little or nothing to do or worry about we will "run the show" just provide your students / trainees

Various course types with various level students being trained all under one class as the get taught one to one :
• Work shop and work experience
• Qualification based Training
• Business branding courses
• Skills training

O.G. Training Staff can be utilised not just for training and education they can be utilised for the following:

•Development of marketing and promotional materials that client can take advantage of getting designed for free and produced at cost price via the trainees


•Work experience done below via twin work experience department:

•Merchandise / Brands can be created and sold or given away as promotional giveaways to Public / Trainees / Students; T-shirts, polo shirts, hooded tops, sweat jumpers, mug, mouse mats etc. Thus saving clients a lot of expenditure in such design and production costs
•Client can set up print services for local business thus creating additional revenue and possibly offering your students paid work
•Team building services to corporate clients can be offered

Student / trainees who benefit:
• Unemployed
• Pre & Post Graduates
• International students
• Self-employed, Adults
• Probation & Prison
• Hard to Reach
• People with disabilities or learning difficulties
• PRUs, School and colleges

Catering for:
Creative students, Graphic/ Fashion Design students, Art and illustration, Business and Marketing students and anyone who simply wants to get their "creative juices flowing" and especially anyone who has good knowledge of photo-shop and or design or art skills.