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Qualifications can be delivered at various levels as an academy we offer from entry level to level 6 (degree level). Entry level / level 1; is for the beginner with no background or experience. Level 5 and level 6 is for those pre & post graduates or those who have gone through all the levels to attain these final levels. These levels are for highly advanced students who will be involved in high level designing, printing and full knowledge of "how to manufacture" off-shore. This takes technical skill, in-depth manufacturing / production knowledge and sound business skills. These are mainly for those who wish to set up in self- employment or go into employment.

The OGTA offers QCF approved qualifications via ABC awards and OCN. ABC awards are what we mainly deliver and these qualifications are for those wishing to enter into employment with a nationally recognised Art Design & Creative Studies or Business &
Enterprise qualification.

The O.G. trading academy works in partnership with ABC Awards. ABC is a nationally recognised provider of; in their own words "coherent and innovative" vocationally related qualifications.

This information sheet outlines the rules and requirements all participants must comply with in order to achieve and ABC award.


Level 1 aims to:
Introduce the basic skills and techniques of G.A.P. (Graphic design, apparel work and printing)
Explore creative potential within G.A.P.

Level 2 aims to:
Develop an understanding of visual language and formal elements relating to G.A.P.
Develop and broaden practical and technical skills, encouraging creative potential.

Level 3 aims to:
This course aims to provide practical experience and the essential underpinning knowledge required to utilise G.A.P. skills to provide intermediate level work / services.

On completion of these qualifications the learner will be able to demonstrate an
understanding of:

Level 1
A range of basic skills relating to G.A.P.

Level 2
An advanced application of the skills acquired at level 1, plus the introduction of new
advanced skills.

Level 3
An advanced application of the skills acquired at level 1 and 2, plus the introduction of new advanced skills at level 3 competence.
It may be useful to know that GCSEs (grades A* to C) are at level 2, and GCE A levels are at
level 3.

All ABC awards must be earned through 90-120 learning-guided hours of work. This does not mean 90-120 hours of intensive teaching, but merely 90-120 hours of time spent working on a project.
Learning-guided hours are the average time it takes to produce the work and evidence required for an award to be achieved. This figure can vary from learner to learner and course to course.