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OGTA Approach

Our general approach is different and this is where our clients understand the immense
benefits in comparison to main stream college and university approaches. We provide
intensive courses with one to one training.

Each trainee / student trains to set up their own fashion brand or other business in real time,
this allows them to focus fully on their own business idea and not be taught generically in the
way colleges and universities teach their students. This method adopted is a set combination
of theory and practical teachings. Whereas the OGTA trains its trainees / students according
to their exact needs of their brand or service and therefore each course or module is tailored
to meet the trainees needs.

We train our students to design, develop and brand a commercial business. All our students
gain employable skills, if the client wishes to only gain employment after their course,
therefore we deliver QFC nationally recognised qualifications. All while setting up a real or
fictional business as part of their course work, thus giving the best opportunity of both worlds
i.e. a chance of self-employment and or employment. All this is done whilst the trainee is
being taught the unique combination of graphic design skills, use of appropriate materials /
machinery, various print techniques and garment manufacturing procedures.

This combination allows the student to choose all or aspects of what they feel comfortable
with when creating their fashion brands or offering print services. This approach is not cost
effective hence it is not adopted by educational institutes. Though we at the OGTA have
managed to make this approach work as we want to offer the best to our students no matter
what resources are needed.

This method has been proven to be the fastest way to learn and set up a business within the
graphics, apparel or print industries. Whether you aspire to develop the next international
urban fashion brand to simply provide garment print services to your local business or online.
The OGTA will give you training that will not only learn you how to understand graphic
design, fashion and various print techniques it will also teach you the main procedures
needed to create your business plan and how to execute it.