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Most courses students find laborious and pain staking in time and drag their feet to get to the
class room. We found that our courses are also been deemed as a fun engaging activity as it
involves colour, design, fashion, ink, paints, prints, logos, slogans, photography, catwalks and
fashion shows, celebrities and stars. Therefore to be able to couple engagement fun activities,
solid business development and employment opportunities makes our courses one of the most
exciting high potential courses on the market. Everything that students learn and develop
they see in real time and get to take create a live portfolio of fashion goods, most of which
they take home worth hundreds of pounds absolutely free.

Engagement, fun, coupled with potential for self-employment / employment makes this a
winning program for the NEET (not in employment education or training) population. It
gives them an open field of opportunities within the Creative world or world of business
branding development.