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Welcome To The O.G.Training Academy (CIC 8481249)

A brief introduction to the Academy
Full Length Video

The O.G. Training Academy is a globally unique educational training centre,
that focuses on business and branding courses. These courses are delivered
alongside our unique concept of learning skills revolving around Graphics,
Apparel and Print. We specialise in commercial fashion but the course is also
aimed at anyone who wishes to brand any business or learn skills and gain
qualifications in Art, Design or Business that enable them to become more

In 2007 Westminster youth services approached us to offer workshops to
young people. It was so successful that since then we devised our own courses evolving around 'Graphics, Apparel and Printing' (G.A.P.) that has a strong focus 'Business Branding'. The generic model we use revolves around 'Commercial Fashion and Printing', students or trainees may brand any type of business from mobile Mechanics to a Beauticians.

We have been providing classes and workshops for young people NEET's / PRU's/ Hard to reach, all the way to Graduates, International Students and Adults. We specialise in providing our trainees Enterprise set up as (brands and services), employability skills, to QFC approved qualifications.

In House or Satelite Training

Historically we have been offering our academies training services from our premises in Walthamstow, East London. We are currently in discussion for expanding the Centre to Enfield and have plans to have Satellite Centre's set up in our clients premises. Due to high
demand from clients who are based far from our Centre, we have now decided
to offer Satellite provisions. This will offer in-house medium to long term based
projects and programs at our client's premises.


We are offering Satellite projects / programs to:

•Schools / PRU Schools
•Colleges, Universities and Fashion Centre's
•Partnership with Skills and Employability Centre's
•Probation and Youth Offending Services
•Prisons and Detention Centres
•Youth Centres
•Business Schools
•Adult Educational centres