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Generic Course Outline

Below is a generic outline of what all our courses entail or aim to achieve however the final course outline depends on which course is taken, which level, where it is held etcetera. Also bear in mind that we will customise our satellite training packages to meet the needs of the various type of end client groups.
Objective of our courses:
• To develop and up-skill individuals to make them more employable / self-employable
• To develop and up-skill individuals or a group of trainees / students in the Creative
industries, whilst providing these trainees with work experience with O.G. Clothing
Co. Ltd and UKDCM which is positive for C.V. portfolios
• To develop Individual / Groups by challenging them to create any business especially
training for fashion / print related businesses
• To further develop the same Individual/group enabling them to offer Garment printing
services as part of their micro business or to help them gain employment with design
/ printing companies
• Certificates and opportunities to gain Qualifications / Accreditations / Certificates
• Increased employability status
• Work experience
• Personal development

Setting the standard within our courses:
• Health & Safety
• Fire Procedures
• Code of Conduct
• Team Building and Leadership
• Quality Assurance
• Business Awareness & Entry to Employment
• Commercial Fashion Vs Couture Fashion
• Xlusion to Xcellence 'inspirational discussions and debates'

Course content: (what will the trainee/student be doing?)
Our courses focus on the students learning a variety of Garment design & printing techniques; leading to a wider choice of skills that they can utilise on their garment brand, or as a service that they could provide. The course would include sales, marketing and motivational techniques. The same skills as would be used to "brand any business" as all business need to have designed logos, slogans, business stationery and promotional items.
Also printed uniforms or merchandise would be designed and printed. Thus the trainee/student has developed their own 'branded business', from mobile mechanics to self-employed hairdressers.

Specialist skills gained on our courses:
• Graphic design
• Apparel and Commercial Fashion knowledge
• Screen Printing (provided only on O.G. Clothing Co. main sites)
• Vinyl Printing

• Foil Printing
• Flock Printing
• Transfer Printing
• Transfer Printing
• Vinyl Transfer Printing
• Elements of Multimedia
• Elements of Business Branding and Marketing

Outcomes of our courses:
• Official Group / Individual business brand (fashion/ non fashion developed)
• Official Garment Print service developed
• Fully designed Business Stationery
• Fully designed Promotional Items
• Garment / Merchandise Collection

Additional Benefits of our courses:
• Highly engaging, vibrant with physical produced outcomes that gives a sense of pride
and achievement
• Team building
• Management & leadership skills
• Possibility position within OG Group
• Basic copy right protection techniques for logos and designs
• Intensive short term courses leading to various positive outcomes
• 2-4 trainers on hand dependent on course booking and value
• Commissions paid to those designers whose designs are chosen for O.G. Brand and
sold on.

Next steps: (where can the students go from here?)
• Professional G.A.P. Courses (advanced course) where students will design group specification packs, digitally design, create and manufacture a fashion brand, design marketing materials and receive an O.G. brand reseller website to market and sell merchandise on
• Undertake other courses or take the same course at a higher level as we provide
courses from level 1 to level 6
• Micro Business (start your own part time t-shirt brand)
• 'Fashion-Enter' (cut and sew, pattern making courses)
• Further Education (Graphic design, marketing, textile design)
• Business Link (can give advice and support in setting up a small business)
• Bright Ideas Trust (Aid start up businesses in securing finance)
• Connexions / Careers advice