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The Academy is the only provider of G.A.P. courses which are programmes that enable
students at any level or age to learn transferable commercial skills in graphic design, fashion,
printing and business that can lead to employment / self-employment. Our G.A.P. courses are
also applicable for anyone who wishes to set up in businesses that do not involve fashion or
printing. As the G.A.P. model will be used for a pure and simple "business branding" course.

Objective is to aim our courses / workshops at all age groups from 14 to Adults and we
focus on those from the creative industries (pre & post graduates) or the 'hard to reach'.
We aim to reach young people from all ages with a particular focus on 14 to 24 as an equal
opportunities provider. Our goal is to up-skill design and fashion students on one hand, where
these trainees will start from level 2 or 3 at a minimum. Courses for those with the relevant
background are different to courses with those without the relevant background. This tends to
come down to which course / workshop is being conducted and at which level.

Dependent on which course is taken, the following is information on our different type of
G.A.P. courses that we provide, dependent on; Course type, Negotiation, Delivered in-house
or via Satellite, will depend on the final costing. We offer various different type of courses
for different needs of our clients and funders:

•Work Experience Work Shops (ongoing workshops that provides work experience/business)

•Courses with In-House Certificates (full courses from 60 to 100 Guided learning hours)

•Courses with Business Branding (full courses from 60 to 100 Guided learning hours)

•Courses with QCF Qualifications (full courses from 60 to 120 Guided learning hours)

•Courses with Specific Skills Training (full courses from 20 to 60 Guided learning hours)
•Team Building Workshops (1 day, 2 day or 3 day work-shops)

Courses /Workshops can be delivered at various levels as an academy we offer from entry
level to level 6 (degree level). Entry level / level 1; is for the beginner with no background or
experience. Level 5 and level 6 is for those pre & post graduates or those who have gone
through all the levels to attain these final levels. These levels are for highly advanced
students who will be involved in high level designing, printing and full knowledge of "how to
manufacture" off-shore. This takes technical skill, in-depth manufacturing / production
knowledge and sound business skills.

Entry level and level 1 is for trainees / students with no experience or back ground in
Graphics Apparel or Print. These tend to be vulnerable Young People in particular those who
are not in employment, education or training (NEET's), Pupils Referral Unit's (PRU's)
Youth Offending Team (Y.O.T). We aim to get them "Off the Streets" and into a positive
environment where they can develop themselves and gain employable skills. This will enable
them to focus away from boredom and into positive unique activities, training and education.