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About Us

(Graphics Apparel and Print Courses)
The O.G. Training Academy is the only nationwide provider of Graphics Apparel and Print courses (GAP), also known as Commercial Fashion Business Courses.  G.A.P. courses were devised to address the emergence of major apparel corporate companies offering fashion at low cost prices which has devastated the couture designer market. This has led to the failure of many small fashion businesses and designers.
At O.G Training Academy, we use our exclusive GAP courses to attract fashion students and potential entrepreneurs into commercial apparel and print training which includes additional knowledge of how to produce cost effective fashion printed either within the UK or manufactured in offshore factories. This enables our students to compete with corporate fashion companies when it comes to the production and retail cost of the final product.
'Enterprise development' is the economic way forward for the U.K locally and nationally. Our GAP courses have a lot more to offer than the average further education fashion courses or workshops. This is because it allows the candidate to set up in business in real time during the course AND gain employability skills.

As well as gaining knowledge and experience of commercial fashion, print, employability and self-employability, our GAP also covers how to design brand and develop products and services for any business, trade or market.
So if you aim to sell jewellery, cosmetics, be a mobile beautician or a mechanic this course is perfect for you to understand how to "brand your business".