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1 Day Taster Course

Course Objective: (what will the young person be doing?)
This ‘1 day introduction / taster’ day is our brief introduction to the industry.

1 day Taster Course is an opportunity for you our clients to "try before you buy". Whether you wish to take our in house or via a satellite site, this taster 1 day basic introduction course is an ideal way of clients feeling confident before committing.

Understanding of the T-shirt printing industry
1 - 2 T-shirt’s printed per Trainee (quantity depends on team efficiency)
Introduction to the Graphics, Apparel and Print industry

Additional benefits:

Team working skills
Access to accreditations
Individuals undertaking positive activities and additional benefits
Each group will have access to 2 / 3 experienced staff /trainers on hand

Next steps: (where can the students go from here?)

2 Day short course
Official Group T-shirt brand developed
Team building
Work Experience
Management and leadership skills
Possibility of position with the O.G. Clothing Co.
Access to accreditations
Individuals undertaking positive activities and additional benefits
10 Day Design and Develop course only need to complete additional 8 days
Intensive short term courses leading to various positive out comes
Professional G.A.P. Courses (advanced course) where students will design group specification packs, digitally design, create and manufacture a fashion brand, design marketing materials and receive a O.G. brand reseller website to market and sell merchandise on
Basic copy right protection techniques of logos and designs
Micro Business (start their own part time t-shirt brand)
‘Fashion-Enter’ (cut and sew, pattern making courses)
Further Education (Graphic design, marketing, textile design)
Business Link (can give advice and support in setting up a small business)
Bright Ideas Trust (Aid start up businesses in securing finance)

Course duration: The course is 6 learning guided hours long which would be conducted over 1 session.